Dry Van


Since 1994 our dry van division has been supplying our customers with outstanding service and reliable equipment. We pride ourselves on our principles and honesty and we try to bring that attitude to both our customers and drivers.  

Our main service area is the mid-west but we are always open to going where our customers require. Trailer spotting and/or dropping is a service we offer in most areas. 

For customers in the Central Ohio area we have short or long term storage and also the ability to cross dock freight. Most of our equipment consists of new model 53ft vans.

We always strive to offer the most competitive rates to our customers and stay in line with industry standards. With the competitive rates of the bigger carriers and the hand on service of a family owned company, H&W is the chosen Carrier for many shippers across the country.


Tempurature Control


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and also providing a desirable working environment for our professional Owner Operators. With over 30 years in temperature control our staff knows how to care for the product and the people hauling freight.


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We are aware of the critical delivery schedules of most of today’s shipments and make sure our fleet is trained to follow the FDA guidelines as they apply to perishable product. From grocery produce to specialty goods our experienced fleet can handle all of your transportation needs